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Training & Conditioning

Since 1985, Shada has been developing champions. Shada’s shining success is attributed to a complete program where Arabian show horses can thrive and come into their own. Hospitality, innovative ideas and abounding energy are common on the Shada scene. The animated and charismatic show string bounces and struts their way into arenas nationwide. With numerous National Championships, Shada’s success radiates through North America.

Shada has had a reputation of being able to find, recognize and bring out the next “big thing” time and time again. This is evidenced by the many young stars who have gotten their start from behind the red and black curtains.

Reproductive Services

Shada has become a hub of excitement, with new stallions and breed icons alike, as part of their amazing stallion roster. Fully knowing the importance of quality breeding and what it means to the future of the Arabian breed, Shada stands a collection of World class, Nationally decorated stallions, and prides themselves in fulfilling the breeding needs of the industry’s most distinguished breeders.

Shada has launched and had a part in the success of many stallions breeding careers. Mare owners from across the country seek out our expertise in making breeding decisions and finding the next superstar sire to get on board early. It is an honor to be a part of creating Champions.

“One of my major roles at Shada is that of visionary – to select horses in the rough while recognizing their potential early. This is beneficial in selecting the proper horse for a given purpose. I love finding these horses and taking them to the next level. I’m constantly seeking new stars from farms and backyards large or small, at shows and through many friends and associates. We get a lot of tapes at Shada, we look at them all, and they’re all welcomed. We never know when we’ll find a real gem.

We remain enthusiastic about our involvement by focusing on the wonderful, positive memories that have come to us through the great horses and owners we have shown for. These memories make it worthwhile, and they propel us into the future, excited about making another dream come true.” - Jerry Schall

“Shada is a special blend of individual personalities who derive their energy from one another. It’s all about teamwork. There are so many shoulders for everyone to rest on that everyone knows they have a back-up. You never feel like you’re working without a safety net. The result of that support is that we feel energized to meet every new day – and our clients can sense that. They in turn motivate us with their own expectations and positive energy, with the knowledge that the expectation of success leads to good things.

Hand in hand with our success comes a following and interest in the horses on which we put our stamp of approval. We’re very critical, straightforward, and honest about the horses we evaluate. More and more people are becoming interested in the horses we believe in, and our marketing increases each year. Our success and confidence inspires confidence in others.” - Jeff Schall