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News & Info

Jhavani DHA

We congratulate Robert and Penny DeVault on their acquisition the beautiful National Champion Jhavani DHA! Wishing all the success and to this new team.

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MA Razputin

Congratulations to Suzanna Hupp and Ethan on your newest addition to the family! The striking MA Razputin.

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Aliyah RAR

Congratulations Boni LaVelle on your purchase of the beautiful Aliyah RAR we can't wait to see the gorgeous foals she will have for you in the future!

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With the beginning of each New Year an energy and enthusiasm resurfaces as we plan for our Arabian endeavors that lie ahead. As Wendell and Deb Tierney along with Shada Inc anticipate the much awaited foal of National Champion Marrakesh PVF, they welcome a new stable mate.

Etoria, a 3 year old daughter of National Champion Vitiorio TO and out an an Eden C daughter is set to become a new star on the show circuit in 2020. Thank you to breeder Antonette Ginochio for your generous role in making this dream a reality.


Visual Addiction PVF

Beautiful, Style and Quality. The trifecta of a Champion! Visual Addiction's breeders Don and Ann Benson of Prairie View Arabians and Roxanne and Jeff Schall are excited that Audrey Green and Tamara Collins-Grinton of Earthquake Arabians have chosen him as the latest member of their Arabian Horse family!

Black Opzz

Multiple National Champion Black Opzz caught the eye of Deer Haven Arabians, Carol Derus and Terri Gellin.... as they say the rest is history! 2020 is destined to be exciting year as Opzz returns to the show ring in numerous divisions!

Call Me Treat RA

The uniting of two leading ladies, Ellen Cmolik and Call Me Treat await with great anticipation their Signifikaynce foal born in the spring of 2020.


Shada is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Fabulous Fabiano. As a new family member of Melanie Lynn Hanna, he is relishing in all the love and opportunity bestowed upon him. A warm thank you to Taylor Ranch for your instrumental role.

Xaviar RAR

Xaviar's successful journey continues as he has recently been embraced by new owner Stacey Braegelmann.

Black Pearl CRF

A daughter of Vitoria TO, the captivating and multi champion filly Black Pearl CRF will be continuing her successful ways with new admirers and owners Duke and Renae Mendel. Shada and breeders Cedar Ridge Farm are excited to see this new team flourish in the future!

RA Spaago

As new owner Jennifer said so bubbly, "You can't see something as beautiful as Spaago and not want to own him! And a happy holidays it was! Spaago will reside in Texas while his performance career evolves. Shada and breeders Rohl Arabians feel that skies the limit for Spaago and his new posse!

Achilles RAR

Over a year ago Jenna Hanz chose Achilles RAR as her heart horse. With the support of family and trainer Tamara Collins-Grinton Jenna's dream has been realized. Thank you to breeders Rohl Arabians for allowing this wonderful story of a girl and her horse to unfold. Shada wish Achilles and his new family many new chapter full of performance success!


Marrakesh PVF

Long time equestrian Deb Tierney has a new special mare in her life, 2018 National Reserve Champion Marrakesh PVF. We are excited for 2019 as the two of them team up to light up the show ring! Thank you to breeders Punch and Ann Benson, Prairie View Farm for creating such a special girl and passing the baton to Deb and husband Wendell in continued pursuit of success!


Starboard Bow

Congratulations Albert and Helen Gonzalez on your purchase of the lovely Starboard Bow, we wish you much success in Spain with your new Star!


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TRJ Classic Ambition

As the show season of 2018 unfolded TRJ Classic Ambition was experiencing continued in hand success, multiple Regional Championships and a Reserve Canadian National Championship. Thus adding to his already extensive winning halter resume. As of August 18th 2018 this magnificent three year old stallion has begun a new chapter. Congratulations to recent purchasers Mike and Kim Beethe, along with trainer Joe Reser. The selection of Classic Ambition to be your next super star has given all of us reason to celebrate. Thank you to breeder and seller Danielson Arabians for creating this special horse. We will be watching as this new team ascends to the top!

Artistry LD

When new owner and special horse connect it seems to be a cosmic aligning of sorts! Congratulations to Annie Slawik on her most recent acquisition of the National and Scottsdale Champion Artistry LD. He is a lucky boy, and equally as fortunate is Annie and Roxanne who will be riding in style. We are excited about the journey ahead!

LC Imperatore

Legacy Of Fame x La Macarena HDM
2012 Bay Stallion

Congratulations to Caroline and Romney Maupin on the purchase of LC Imperatore, he is a beautiful young stallion! Wishing all of you the best as Imperatore's promising future unfolds!

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Ellen Cmolik and Shada are elated that new owners Martha McCollough saw the promising and bright future in STLA Yoda that we have always believed. Yoda, already a HA yearling halter National Champion, will be managed by Jason Krohn and team in Texas. Big Success is on the horizon for Yoda and Martha at Oak Haven Arabians!

BB Anna Maria
Apalo x LLC Joyful by Pershahn El Jamaal

Beautiful Arabian mares will always be in fashion, BB Anna Maria's 2017 show ring success was highlighted by the Sahara Sands mare Championship, Region 10 Champion Mare, National Futurity Top Ten and MN Fall Festival Champion. She has captured the hearts of breeders Tony Bergren and Maria Burger, Shada and numerous judges. Anna Marie continues her leading lady role under the expert guidance of Blake Skole, congratulations to all.


2016 APAHA Arabian Halter Horse of the Year

HT Eldorado
We are excited to announce the sale of HT Eldorado to new owners Katie, Dave and Debbie Treadwell. We wish all of them the best as they embark on this new journey with Eldorado.

Vannah MA

When Vannah MA captured the hearts of both Kristine and John Kempf they knew she was meant to be theirs. Vannah, a daughter of International Champion Stallion Van Gogh and out of an Eternety bred mare, is one sexy filly! Shada is delighted to be apart of the future of this wonderful team. Thank you to breeders Steve and Darla Miles, Milestone Arabians, for this opportunity.

Lolita DZR

The lovely Lolita DZR is the new pride and joy of Nancy Seward, Hobnail Farm. Owner of National Champion Stallion Majestico, Nancy has a clear vision for the future. Shada is overjoyed as we anticipate an incredible foal as a result of this pairing. Congratulations to Nancy and breeder David Zouch Ross on your most recent success!

Andadaly J

Both breeder Larry Jerome, Jerland Farm and new owner Linda and Dennis Clark believe intensely in Anadalay J. Her promise for stardom is founded deeply throughout her pedigree. Her lineage includes multiple International, Scottsdale and National Champions such as Kaja J, Padron, Kharben and Khadraj NA. Anadalay J is bred, built and thinks like a Champion! Shada is extremely pleased to have been a part of the evolution of this outstanding filly and would like to thank Stan White Jr. for his expertise and role in making this combination a reality.

LLC Magdivine

Quality personified best describes LLC Magdivine. A daughter of the illustrious sire Magnum Psyce and out of the exceptional mare La Diva BSA. She is in foal to Stival for what is certain to be a "knock your socks off" baby in 2017. Shada would like to congratulate Les and Diane Van Dyke on this acquisition as well as thank seller Kari White and coach Deb McQuire for this opportunity.

An Intense Affair
ROL Intencyty x An Affair to Remember
May 25, 2014 Black Mare

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There is an overwhelming sense of pride when a breeder creates a special filly and she captures the hearts and imagination the world over. An Intense Affair and breeder Kathy Burnett did just that. We are all honored that Mohamed Fanz Abdelalaal Eisharkawy and advisor Fadia Ibrahim have chosen her to be apart of their breeding and show program. The possibilities for success are endless. Shada Inc., Jeff Schall and Jerry Schall congratulate everyone involved.

RA Khompassion

Everyone should have Khompassion in there lives! Congratulations Laura Koch and Bert Sanders on there purchase of this lovely mare. We anticipate her and Zefyr to be a magical cross as we await their 2017 foal.

Priya MA

Are Rare Gem For Your Consideration

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Rroselea LD

She moves like the wind and a moment later crawls in your pocket. The beautiful Rroselea LD while pregnant to National Champion Victorious LD is headed to Salt Lake City Utah for new owner Ryan Mason. The future promise of this dynamic pairing is unbelievable. Shada, Inc., Jeff and Jerry Schall and Les and Diane Van Dyke congratulate Ryan as we all anticipate a spring filled with excitement and opportunity.

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Felicia Psyche

One of the most amazing daughters of the legendary Padrons Psyche that has ever been created. The one of a kind Felcia Psyche and her "off the charts" new ROL Intencyty filly have become the prized acquisition of Keith and Kristi Hainy. As Felcia Psyche plays the role of mother, her new filly is playing the role of superstar! "Kristianna" is bringing joy in groves to all of us. She is such a beacon of hope as she is literally turning into a swan before our eyes. Thank you to everyone for helping to make all of this a reality.

Pristina LD
Vegas DPA x Catalina SF
2015 Bay Filly

Only pure admiration can describe the every moment spent with the stunning filly Pristina LD. Easy on the eyes is an understatement! Only days after she scored the highest points for all International fillies two and under at the 2016 Scottsdale Show with Jeff Schall and Jerry Schall of Shada, Inc., she was selected by the Royal Cavalry Oman Stud of France to become a part of their incredible breeding and show program. Thank you to the following people for all their support, encouragement and assistance in making this dream a reality. Les and Diane Van Dyke, Fernando and Kristi Poli, Franck Cibois and Dave Bilgrien. We wish Pristina LD and her new team all the success in and around the World!

RS Vallerina
DA Valentino x Misaahbi
2009 Bay Mare

The beautiful and bold RS Vallerina is headed to UAE for new owner Khalifa Saeed Almazrouei. Excitement and anticipation builds as she and her unborn Kanz Albidayer foal make their way abroad. This outstanding breeding pairing was the vision of sellers Ken, JoAnn and Tracy White, Arabian Horse Futures. Shada Inc., Jeff Schall and Jerry Schall salute everyone who made this possible.

Audrianna RA
Brixx IA x Enzos Diva IA
May 23, 2014 Chestnut Mare

The Arabian horse has captured the hearts of people young and old for generations. Such is true for new breeder Addullah Alyaseen who has selected the beautiful and statuesque filly Audrianna RA. Shada Inc., Jeff Schall and Jerry Schall, would like to thank Regan and Renae Rohl and Fahad Aldahoom for helping to bring Addullah and Audrianna RA together. We congratulate and wish them all the best.

(First Cyte+ x Padrons Nike)
2013 Chestnut Stallion

A sense of joy is felt and experienced when a special young horse continues his journey with just the right new owner. Donna Hengtes of Greymoor farm and everyone at Shada, Inc congratulate Kelly Dzurick on her purchase of Alkhemy. Thank you to Larry and Jody Hoffman of Hesten Park for your effort and support. You al are going to make a great team!

Lolah El Javier
(Javier El Jamaal (Ali Jamaal) x Lara El Ludjin (Ludjin El Jamaal))
2005 Grey Mare

The imported gorgeous white Arabian mare Lolah El Javier is headed to StoneWall Farms in Arizona for new owner Al Jood Stud. She will gace us all with her new baby this spring sired by JA Urbino. Orginally bred by La Movida Arabians in Austria and imported by seller David Zouch Ross from Australia, Lolah is truly a global mare. Shada, Jeff and Jerry Schall thanks each and every person that has been a part of her life and journey thus far!

Ritz Karleton J
(FS Ritz x Keepsayke)
July 2, 2013 Bay Stallion

Jerland Arabians and Shada Inc congratulate Linda Lane on the acquisition of Ritz Karleton J. We wish Linda and trainer Sarah Parapovich all the success in the world! He is a special boy and fortunate to be apart of your team. See you all in the winners circle!

Maraandah AC
Maraandah AC
(Marhaabah x Heart of Gold AC)
March 25, 2014 Bay Mare

Breeders Avalon Crest, Andy and Christine Steffens, have created another special filly worthy of International admiration. Shada salutes new owner Abulaziz Al Moosa Khobar on the acquisition of this outstanding young lady. Thank you to our friends Mohammed and Shauna Azure for their continued efforts in making these exciting moments a reality.

Desert Queen AF
(Stival x Aria Jamina)

An eye for beauty and quality combined with a vision for excellence has drawn Mohammed Saeed Al Qahtanie to Desert Queen AF. Shada Inc and Brad Herman are excited to see the many possibilities become reality! Congratulations Mohammed.

Justa Beauty JPH
(WH Justice x TF Falcons Beauty)

Shada and JP Heritage Arabians congratulate Mansoor Al Khayarin on his acquisition of Justa Beauty JPH. Appropriately named, we are certain this exquisite filly will be turning heads all over the world! Thank you Shauna Azure for your assistance with this pairing.

MCF Tru Elation
(Trussardi x Aria Elita)

MCF Tru Elation continues to warm the hearts of everyone in her life from new owners and admirer Antonette Ginochio, Atlas Peak Arabians, to breeders Ken, Jo Ann and Tracy White to sellers Keith and Kristi Hainy. Shada wishes Antonette and Tru Elation a lifetime of joy together!


Shada is honored to represent the following beautiful stallions and US National Contenders!

Shada Arabians   Shada Arabians

We are thrilled to share that former MN Fall Festival Champion Maria Al Mawan has recently foaled a beautiful Hariry Al Shaqab filly for our friends, Abdulaziz Seflan and family, Al Ulia Arabians, Saudi Arabia.

JA Eloise

Over the pond she has come, Australian International Champion JA Eloise is now the pride and joy of new owners, David and Joyce Bradley, Junction City Kansas. Jeff and Jerry Schall of Shada Inc., Angela Rogers, Natalie Porter and Cedar Heights Farm, Blake Skole and Karen Kemper wish Eloise and The Bradley's continued success.

Shada Arabians

We all remember the moment in which the Arabian horse captured us for life! It is with this passion that Shada and Danielson Arabians congratulate Terra San Ventures, Russ Taylor and Chris Smith on their acquisition of the heart pumping colt Big Ambition TRJ. We look forward to his exciting career unfolding in the halter and performance arenas.

Ritz Karleton

Jood Al Ulia

JJ Bellatore

(Marwan Al Shaqab x Carinosaa)
2010 Chestnut Mare

Marvilosaa, a daughter of the legendary Marwan Al Shaqab, was selected by Meshaal Alzaidi of Al Mshalia Stud. She will travel to his homeland in Saudi Arabia while pregnant to the Iconic sire ROL Inencyty. Shada, Jeff and Jerry Schall and Milestone Arabians anticipate outstanding success for this new team.

Hail Mary SA
(Justtice x Barbara Jeanne FM)
2011 Grey Mare

The exquisite mare Hail Mary SA was selected by Mr. Mazyad Albugami from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Hail Mary has etched a special place in the hearts of all of us at Shada and Silver Lake Arabians. We pray that she continues to bless all the lives that she touches.

Kashe SLA
(Armando El Aryes x PS Kashmir by Marwan Al Shaqab)
2012 Bay Mare

The keen and discerning eye of Mazyad Albugami has lead him to select the extremely beautiful mare Kashe SLA. The addition of Kashe will undoubtedly have a significant impact on his already outstanding breeding program.

Prada BF
(Armani FC x Magnums Evita)

With the breeding philosophy of, you're only as good as the beauty and strength of you mares, Mazyad Albugami has chosen the stunning mare Prada BF. Shada and the Whites, Arabian Horse Futures, applaud Mazyad and wish him great success!

(Trussardi x Chantilly Raves)

The magnetic two year old colt, Trudeau, has attracted a village of admirers. We tip our hats and thank the following people for making this dream a reality. Breeders, The Johnsons and Nielsens and new owner Shuling Zou of Fuma Global. Along with the guidance and help of Vernonica Allman and Shauna Azure.

TRJ Faith
(Pogrom x TRCopperclassique)

The charismatic TRJ Faith danced her way into the heart of Saad MSH Alhaboush. Shada along with breeders Danielson Arabians and agent Shauna Azure wish this new team all the success in the world.

Maleeha RA
(Brixx IA x Felcia Psyche)

(ROL Intencyty x Music N Poetry)

Congratulations to Tamim Ibrahim Alothman of Saudi Arabia on his purchase of the lovely ladies, Maleeha RA and Zendeya.
Special thanks to Ashely Hart for her assistance with this pairing.

G Felicia Jamaal G

G Felicia Jamaal G has earned the admiration of new owner Ali Bin Mohammed Bin Ali Al Ali from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as well as agents Brad and Holli Gallun, Jeff and Jerry Schall and seller Abdulaziz Seflan, Al Ulia Arabians. We wish Felicia and her new team the greatest of success.

Marwans Love AA

When the beautiful Marwan Al Shaqab daughter, Marwans Love AA, was breed to the "Legend Maker", ROL Intencyty hope was on the rise! It is this vision that attracted new owner Mohamed Ahmed Al Ali, Al Yah Stud, United Arab Emirates. A warm thank you to Rick Mutchler and Salim Zeroual for your help and patience in making this acquisition possible.

Odyssey SC
Multi National Champion Odyssey SC

Shada Inc would like to thank Lee and Jacque Melchi and Midcrest Farms for acquiring the incredible Odyssey SC daughter, Farishtah bred by John and Kristine Kempf. Stan Keeter once again has the vision of bringing the best offspring to the farm to represent the Midcrest Stallions.

Prada BF

Pedigree | Video

Prada BF, a name and pedigree synonymous with beauty, quality and style. The keen eye and foresight of breeder Brad Herman, sellers Ken and Tracy White and new owner Mazyad Albugami have made this opportunity a reality. Prada blessed us this spring with a special Elite AF filly and is currently being bred to ROL Intencyty for a 2016 stunner! Congratulations to all!

Supre Nova Email Blast

There are horses that reach deep inside and occupy a special place in your heart. WC Xceptshahnal is one of those amazing mares. She herself is easy on the eyes in addition to being a kind and nurturing mother to numerous champions! Thank you David Ross for allowing Steve and Darla Miles of Milestone Arabians to add Xceptshahnal to their already outstanding breeding program!

Supre Nova Email Blast
Supre Nova WLF
(ROL Intencyty x DA Valentino daughter)

Successful Breeders Jim and Penny Gute of Westlawn farm and Jeff and Jerry Schall of Shada, Inc. bring you the outstanding Supre Nova WLF. A daughter of ROL Intencyty and out of a DA Valentino daughter, she is both compelling and captivating. Skies the limit for her and new owner AL Ebb Stud of Qatar. Thank you Mohammed and Shauna for all your efforts regarding this pairing!

Kashe SLA
(Armando El Aryes x PS Kashmir by Marwan Al Shaqab)
2012 Bay Mare

Pedigree | Gallery

Shada and Silver Lake Arabians, Tarrance and Jacqueline Floyd congratulate Mazyad Zaid Albugami on the purchase of the exotic young mares Hail Mary and Kashe SLA. We hope and pray that the joy these girls have brought all of us continues to shine upon the new owners.

(Mmonsignor x Misaahbi)
2011 Bay Mare

Pedigree | Gallery

We are elated that Nasser Aihajri has selected the beautiful mare Mmonica. Thank you Ric and Ceilia Summers, Wil-O-Mar Arabians for continuing to entrust Shada with your finest.

(Trussardi x RS Vallerina)
March 31, 2013 Bay Gelding


There is a certain magic that happens when Adele Kinney choses a horse to bring into her life. Given her history of propelling horses into stars Shada is thrilled that she witnessed such potential in the Scottsdale Champion 2 year old gelding Truviso. A product of National Champion breeders Arabian Future Farms, Ken, JoAnn and Tracy White. Truviso embodies everything it takes to keep Adele's winning ways alive. Congrats!


Overlook Jezebel
(DA Valentino x Overlook Jubilee)
2009 Bay Mare

Congratulations to Abdulaziz Al Mossa on the purchase of the stunning daughter of DA Valentino and her spectacular black filly by ROL Intencyty!

Byronica RH

Haras La Catalina's New Leading Lady, Byronica RH

Ajmal AC

Ajmal AC
(Ajman Moniscione x Aliyahh by Versace)
2011 Chestnut Gelding

Shada Inc and Avalon Crest, Andrew and Christine Steffens, are filled with joy to be a part of a dream come true for Toni Marie O'Daniel as she acquires the handsome Ajmal AC! We wish them the best as they begin their journey together.

Hail Mary SA and Kashe SLA

Remarkable Young Mares Offered for Your Consideration
Hail Mary SA and Kashe SLA

Temptres T
(Pogrom x Temptation T)
May 18, 2013 Bay Filly

Shada Inc and breeders Milestone Arabians are honored that HRH Prince Turky Bin Sultan Al Saud has chosen this exceptional filly from us. Temptres T will be a wonderful addition to his program. Thank you Thamer for your assistance in this special acquisition.

Truli A Prince is Truly Fortunate to have new owners Jeff Heinzl and Karen Van Anrooy! Their vision and future plans for this already National Champion Gelding are endless. This team will no doubt conquer. Thank you breeder Dean Meier for creating this exotic boy and entrusting him with us!




Young, refined and sexy, say no more. Multi Champion Carrinaa has caught the eye of Abdulaziz Seflan, Al Ulia Farm. She will voyage to Saudi Arabia after becoming pregnant in the spring 2015.

G Felicia Jamaal G

G Felicia Jamaal G


A coveted daughter of Gazal Al Shaqab, G Felicia Jamaal G is as special primrose jewel. She will be at the forefront of Al Ulia Farms breeding program in Saudi Arabia.

The Magician V Colt The Magician V Colt

2014 Grey Colt
(The Magician V x MFA Valeriana)


The Magician V and Leslie Bartlett have a lot to be excited about. The First Magician V foal has arrived and he is stunning! All that we were hoping for and then some. Beautiful, tall, stylish, balanced and to no surprise an award winning "check me out" personality! Shada is enjoying sharing him with their many visitors. We invite you to come and experience him for yourself.

Cameo Rose Cameo Rose

Cameo Rose WA
(Mmonsignor x Psyches Cameo)
2011 Bay Mare


A search of the globe for Arabian horses has led us to the gorgeous Cameo Rose. She caught the eye of new owners HRH Prince Turky Bin Sultan Al Saud and will become a part of his soon to be outstanding breeding program. A special thank you to breeder Ric Summers , Will-O-Mar Arabians and friend Thamer Almofaireeg for helping to make this acquisition possible.

Black Dyamonds

Black Dyamonds
(ROL Intencyty x MFA Marsala)
2013 Black Stallion

Video | Pedigree

The finest diamonds are a result of the best cut, color and clarity. Black Dyamonds looks as if he was cut from a royal cloth. His tall stretchy appearance along with intense black color makes him a stand out. We salute the clarity in which breeder Inga Applequist and Mr Mohammad Al Fakiry combined to make this pairing a reality. Congratulations to all and thank you to Shauna Azure for her efforts.

When Sir Walter Alvarez, former Arabian enthusiast and owner of National Champion Cytosk, visited Shada in April there ensued a moment that no one foreseen. A casual presentation of a new stunning 2014 colt seriously impacted Wally and Kelly. Now the proud new owners of "Future Mega Star" Lavante. Ken, JoAnn and Tracy White along with Shada salute this pairing of destiny.

Zadok HR
2014 Bay Colt
(ROL Intencyty x Princess Grace C)

It is as if divine intervention aligned the stars. Behold the heir apparent! A Coleal breed Marwan Al Magnifficoo daughter crossed with Robin Hood Farms National Champion ROL Intencty and Voila, the colt of a lifetime. The brain trust of breeder Leslie Bartlett and visionary endeavor for new owners Kenneth and Timi Schuessler. Special thank you to Colyer and Laura Cronk for sharing in this vision!

Validation DDA
(Signifikaynce x C Vals Venture)

If you have ever wondered what it feels like to have Validation, just ask new owner Annie Slawik! Breeder Carol Steppe of Day Dream Arabians and Shada Inc tip our hats to Validation DDA and Annie as they embark on a wonderful journey, skies limits!

Excyte LD
(First Cyte+ x TF Queen Ahearts)

The ultimate for all of us is when a special horse seems to find a new owner and have that represent the perfect combination. Such is the case with Excyte LD and Jill Kujawa. Jill's kind and patient approach with Excytes work ethic and desire to please will make a fantastic team.

Spring of 2014 is blossoming and so are the love affairs with these new owners...

Ellen Cmolick and the fancy Bella DHA, special thanks to Kaila Malloy and her dedication to find the perfect filly!

Chloe Lloyd and the rocket girl Bowdacious

FUMA Global LLC and Agent Shuling Zou and the foxy Princess Naomi expecting a LD Victorious 2015 foal!

Bella DHA
(Aramando El Aryes x Victorias Psycret)
Princess Naomi
(PA Scimitar x AC Nabintprincess)

Reference: PA Scimitar
(Audacious PS x Faith V)

(Art Dekko TT x Tamaaras Psong)

Shada Congratulates HRH Pince Turky Bin Sultan Al Saud from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the purchase of the beautiful Art Dekko TT colt Dekkodant. Special thank you to Thamer AlMofaireeg for his efforts and positive energy!

Odyssey's Journey Of A Life Time Continues....

Pictured: Aria Alita

Shada, Ken and Tracy White of Arabian Horse Futures would like to congratulate Keith and Kristi Hainy on your purchase of the beautiful Aria Elita x Trussardi 2014 upcoming foal!

GJR Zeva
(PA Scimitar x OFW Shahme)
2011 Black Mare

Congratulations Abdullatif Al Kanderi of Al Dhahir Kuwait on his purchase of the lovely GJR Zeva. Special thanks to Shauna Azure for her assistance on this sale.

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Baske N Fame

Baske N Fame
(Baske Afire x Imagine Fame)
Feb. 3, 2012 Pinto Filly

Edward and Sarah Truitt of Daly Pride Arabians are pleased to announce the sale of their beloved Baske N Fame aka "Sally" to Shawn Cline of Hot Springs, South Dakota. Purchased on Sally's birthday and scheduled to arrive at her new home on Valentines Day. It is as if this pair where destined for each other!!

Gallery | Pedigree | Video

BPA Venus
SF Veraz x BPA Daisey Daisy Dukes

Two leading ladies, Patti Scheier and the Half Arabian National Champion SF Veraz daughter, BPA Venus, have united. As their journey takes them into 2014 together, Shada and sellers, Roger Perry and Linda Pawlowski, anticipate continued success for Venus and wish the very best to Patti and Mike Scheier of Scheier Farms, Scottsdale Arizona.

DR Rihanna
Justtice x DR Psy Anne

Canyon View Arabians, Connie and Bob Cutler on their acquisition of the talented DR Rihanna.

Stival x Psyches Shah Nah

Congratulations Kathy Monroe on your purchase of the beautiful filly Pshahval.

ABD Samaana
Om El Shahmaan x Kali Jamaal

Shada congratulates Doug and Vicki Niles of Arabians By Design on their purchase of the lovely ABD Samaana.

Maria Al Marwan TRJ
Marwan Al Magnifficoo x TR Concerto by Odyssey SC

View Video

Abdulaziz Seflan of Al Ulia Farm Saudi Arabia has selected the stunning filly Maria Al Marwan TRJ. Shada and breeders Ross and Terri Danielson are honored that he believes in her so much. Her Destiny Awaits!

Lindsay Kay FF

A special daughter of the imported Shael Dream Desert. Breeders, Freeland Farms and Shada are honored that this beautiful filly was chosen by buyer Rakan Al Humaid, Al Reef Arabians and agent Muteb Altukhays.

Operations "Black Opzz" Mission Accomplished, National Champion Futurity Gelding! Congratulations to the new owners Jason and Devon Shuster.

PS Kashmir
(Marwan Al Shaqab x Torrifficoo)
In Foal to Marwan Al Magnifficoo

An illustrious daughter of the Legendary Marwan Al Shaqab, PS Kashmir, in foal to Marwan Al Magniffico, is headed to Saudi Arabia. We are honored that AbdulAziz Seflan, Al Ulia Farms, has chosen this beautiful mare for his collection.

The greatest of life's treasures can be the friendships we make and the Arabian horses we breed!!

Pedigree | Video

Brixx IA
Brixx IA

The adage "It was truly meant to be" best describes the sentiment that has been felt by Regan, Renae and India of Rohl Arabians, Fargo ND. Their new cornerstone stallion is National Champion Brixx IA. We are thankful and honor the late Belle Versace for this amazing gift! Thank you HB Arabians, John Hilliard and Christine Bruce, for all you have done with Brixx during these past magical years.


Every girl wonders, so what happens when I find my Fabian? First you pick him out of a crowd, next fall in love, thirdly you take the plunge and buy him! Followed by show him off all around, and eventually introduce him to your husband! Congratulations to Cassandra Stafford for taking the plunge with her Fabian TRF!

Congratulations Ashley Then on the purchase of Beyonet WS we look forward to watching this new team excel!

Shada is pleased to announce the sale of the Momentum WR and Adele AV,
we anticipate a success filled future as they travel abroad!

Princess Grace C
(Marwan Al Magnifficoo x Amazing Grace C)

With a sparkle in her eye, Leslie Bartlett of The Magician V MCX, INC. chose the young gorgeous mare Princess Grace C. Leslie clearly has a vision for her breeding program and believes Grace will be an intricate part. A special thank you to Mr. David Zouch Ross for helping make this dream a reality.

Phantas Nadira
(Marwan Al Magnifficoo x Phanta C)

Another outstanding daughter of Marwan Al Magnifficoo, Phantas Nadira has been recently acquired by Sultan Almesbah and is exporting to Kuwait. Nadira, the result of Avalon Crest, Andrew and Christine Steffens breeding program is destined to make a dramatic influence abroad. Thank you, Veronica Allman, for your efforts in this pairing.

Congratulations to John Blincoe on his purchase of the gorgeous US Reserve National Champion Futurity Mare Forever Fleurtatious!  Cheer for her as she vies for the title of National Champion Mare with Shada!

One of the most remarkable fillies to grace the Scottsdale stage. Tsarynna's RH extreme elegance, beauty and style captivated the World. We are honored that Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman, chose her to be apart of his amazing collection. Thank you to David Cains and Scott Bailey of Stone Wall Farm for their assistance and guidance.

ROL Intencyty x Sylviah WLF 
Bred by Robin Hood Farm 
Robin and Drago Kragulj

Reference Photo: Khadraj NA

Shada congratulates Marilyn Gannon on the sale of MD Khadraj Afire,
we wish him success and he departs the halter arena to compete
in the performance division.

Arabian Horse Futures and Shada Inc congratulate Jacki Just-Pienta on her acquisition of the lovely mare Madonna VF (Psymadre x Donna El Jamaal). Special thanks to Dave Bilgrien.

Rohl Arabians are pleased to announce the sale of US National Top Ten Mare Overlook Jubillees talented daughter RA Our Little Angel

Another beautiful Marwan Al Magnifficoo daughter is headed abroad. Jasim Khaled Almesbah from Kuwait has chosen Magnifficoos Pippa to enhance his program. Shada and Equine Associates wish him all the best with her!


Annie Slawik has an infinity for beautiful Arabian boys with great temperaments and personality. From her thirty year old patriarch, All The More, to her current show horse, National Top Ten Sohlaris. With a vision for the future and a keen eye for special she has chosen the black beauty Don El Valentino, aka "Brady". Shada and Ken and JoAnn White wish her all the best with him!

The beautiful mare MFA Valeriana and much anticipated 2013 Armando El Aryes baby has new owner Leslie Bartlett, The Magician V-MCX, INC. overjoyed and bursting with excitement. Stay tuned as the New Year holds great promise of dreams fulfilled!

Merri Hill Arabians and Shada would like to congratulate Bob Sigfrinius
on the purchase of Shaqs Legacy MH and Blake Skole on the purchase
of Bey Ambitious MH these young colts have great futures!

Congratulations to Cassandra L Stafford on your acquisition of the handsome DA Valentino colt Vallagio. We wish you all the success in your future endeavors. Special thanks to Dan McConaughey

You just know when you have been blessed! In April of 2012 an exotic Armando El Aryes filly out of a Marwan Al Shaqab daughter was born. In September the enthusiastic Floyd family made the decision to acquire this "Living Work of Art".
A beautiful union with all the potential in the World!

GH Maryn
(NYN Hisani x Enjoue)

We are pleased to announce the sale of the multi talented GH Maryn who has recently been crowned Canadian National Champion Arabian Gelding!

Photos | Video| Show Record | Pedigree

RA Kymera
(Marwan AL Magnifficoo x Challese LL)
2012 Chestnut Colt

Congratulations Christine and Charles Rickart on the acquisition RA Kymera.

Video |Pedigree

Read More About ABD Samaana....

Shada congratulates Liz Steffes on her purchase of National Champion Gelding "For the Record KA" We are anxious to create memories as this new team competes at the 2012 Nationals!

It is believed that the true journey for a horse is to find their ultimate owner and the disciplines in which they excel at. We think the stars have aligned for both PA Scimitar and new owner Lisa Cooley. His allegiance of fans, followers and Shada wish them great success in all their new endeavors, he will be missed!

There is a certain something special that transpires when a couple decides to acquire a beautiful Arabian filly. Erin Flynn-Lee and husband Josh have made the incredible commitment to add new found family member Zhanna Marie to their lives. Congratulations, we hope that you are all enriched by this union and that many dreams become reality!

Multi National Champion Imagine Fame has blessed us all with an incredible pinto filly sired by Baske Afire. Breeders Jason and Devon Shuster, Shada and new owners Edward and Sarah Truitt, Daly Pride Arabians. Appropriately named Baske 'N' Fame by the Truitts, she is destined for great success!  We can't "Imagine" a better team in which to enjoy the journey!

Hail Mary SA has generated a real stir at Shada over the last couple of months. Congratulations to Tarrance and Jacqueline Floyd, of Silver Lake Arabians, on their acquisition of this exotic, exciting filly! The joy with which she embraces every day is unbelievable.

Scottsdale Champion and US National Reserve Champion Sir Hampton AC has a new home with Yellow Brick Road Ranch from Olathe Kansas, we wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors! Special thanks to Blake Skole.

Silver Lake Arabians, Tarrance and Jacqueline Floyd and Shada welcome Vallagio to 2012 show string. With both National Champion parents; DA Valentino and AW Fortune NGold, this young colt has unlimited potential! He will debut in Scottsdale in the auction colt class. Thank you MileStone Arabians, Steve, Darla Miles and family for a job well done.

His Mother, JB HometownHottie is a 12 Time National Champion!! His Father, DA Valentino is a 6 Time National Champion and a Legendary Sire!! One can only dream what the future will hold for their incredible son, ZZ Vazzotti. Congratulations Mazziah, LLC on this extraordinary purchase! Thank you to Blake Skole for his vision.

Beyonet WS, sired by Sir Fames HBV has recently been acquired by Ford Brook Farms, LLC Gerald Bauer. The promise for this exquisite colt is endless. Thank you to the breeder, Bertha Proctor and manager Penny Gutte for helping to make this acquisition a reality.

Felicia Psyche moves people in such a fashion that they are never the same! She has cast her spell on Regan and Renae Rohl as they expand there breeding program with the acquisition of this exotic mare in foal to National Champion EA Echstravagant. Thank you to Sunburst Arabians, Lee and Jackie Melchi, and Stan Keeter for making this possible!

The stunning beauty BAS Empressive Fire is on her way to France. Shada and Brinkman Arabian Stables, Glenn and Sue Brinkman Congratulate Jerome Carayon on his new outstanding show filly. She will make us all proud as she begins her winning ways!

MN Fall Festival

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Emmanda (Marwan Al Magnifficoo x WC Xceptshahnal) Iowa Gold Star Champion Filly
Marwan Psyche (Marwan Al Magnifficoo x TLA Miss Charisma) Reserve Champion Iowa Gold Star Yearling Colt

Marwan Al Magnifficoo has created another contemporary image! WC Xceptshahnal's 2011 colt has been chosen by the Wiechmann family to expand their successful breeding program. A name "fit for a king" is in the makings! Special thanks to Andy Sellman of Argent Farms for seeing and believing!

This colt is destined for greatness." Exclaimed new owners Regan and Renae Rohl on their recent acquisition of the extraordinary, Momentum WR. (Stival x ATA Psyches Psong+/) Breeders, Westridge Farms Mark and Val Sylla and Shada wish the Rohls and Momentum only the best on their journey to the top!

Shada is pleased to announce that Pegasus Arabians has acquired a new Magnum Chall HVP filly. This gorgeous young star will undoubtedly add to the "History of Success" experienced by the Wikel Family with their other Chall kids!


In the Spring of 2011 the decision to cross the exotic Armando El Aryes to the ultra beautiful and elegant Marlekah was made! With Enthusiam for this vision ALTAMIMI Arabians Stud has chosen to add Marlekah to their stud farm in Kuwait. Shada and Deer Haven Arabians salute his impeccable taste and excellent choice."

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With a lifelong affinity for extreme beauty and quality, Lady Gina Pelhan and Robin Arbuckle have chosen the gorgeous filly Solavita (Da Vinci x Solvaria) as La Catalin's newest addition. Everyone is anxious with anticipation as she will make her show ring debut this summer with Shada. The Sky is the Limit!

A daughter of the late DA Valentino, RS Vallerina embodies all the outstanding attributes her sire is known for. Her style and grace is out of this world! At just 2 years of age she was named Champion mare at her fist 2011 show. Congratulations to Ken and JoAnne White on their acqusition of this rocket of a filly!

Shada, The Truitts and Shusters are pleased to announce that Mr. Hussain A J Albeloushi from Kuwait has chosen to expand his breeding program with two outstanding packages. Regional Champion Emmelyne and her Marwan Al Magnifficoo colt along with Regional Champion and Scottsdale Top Ten Nikkei with her Brixx IA filly.

These two beautiful mares hold a special place in all of our hearts. Thank you Julie Patton and Khaled Al Darweesh for all your efforts.

Shada Welcomes the Nationally Acclaimed Gelding "For the Record KA" to it's 2011 show string! Watch for Mike Bills and his new gelding to strut their stuff this season!

Chantelle C

The Queen, Luxemere Baroness has a new home. She will be one of the prized mares for Humberto Florezi of Brazil. Thank you and good luck to Rodolfo Guzzo as he teams up with and continues to be expertly guide her career for Mr. Florezi. All of our lives and hearts have been enriched by Baroness. We remain anxious to see which stallion is chosen for this leading lady!


We are pleased to announce the acquisition of two special young colts Lucchese RA (Gazal Al Shaqab x Belle Versace)
and Marwans Inferno (Marwan Al Magnifficoo x Greta C) by Dean and Lisa Richmond. These boys have tremendous potential and everyone anticipates great things from them. Thanks to Blake Skole for his efforts with this pairing.


Congratulations to Carole and Dale Mueller of Milaca, MN on their purchase of Justt Cause a beautiful 2010 Chestnut colt by Marwan Al Magnifficoo and out of Justtina.

Shada, Regan and Renae Rohl would like to congratulate Silver Lake Arabians, LLC on their purchase of the outstanding colt RA Stoli  by DA Valentino x Overlook Jubilee.

Congratulations to Tom and Kathleen Shippee of Brentwood, New Hampshire on the purchase of Maserati WR. Watch for Maserati as he dazzles the western pleasure division! Special thanks to Jody Strand.

[Click here to view Shada Brochure]

Two leading ladies unite as Lady Georgina Pelham, Haras La Catalina, has chosen the incredible young mare Luxemere Baroness to add to her amazing showing and breeding program in Argentina, South America. We wish the two of them incredible success at the US Nationals as Baroness Vies for the title of National Champion Futurity Filly. This pairing was expertly guided by Robin Arbuckle, Thank you for the belief in Baroness and Shada!

Proud Papas Marwan Al Magnifficoo, David Ross and Shada congratulates the Baahir group on their acquisition of the exquisite filly Artistry of Marwan. Thank you to Andy Sellman, she will be in goods hands!

Congratulations to Yellow Brick Road Ranch from Olathe, KS on your recent purchase of the lovely filly Isabella Star and handsome gelding Marchesi. Good luck with your future endeavors. Special thanks to Blake Skole.

Shada is thrilled to announce the arrival of the Ultra Gorgeous Luxemere Baroness. She will be lighting up the stage at this years Canadian and US Nationals Futurities. Don't Miss It!

There is excitement in the air as new superstar, Rasika has been chosen by Marco and Tony Conte. No strangers to the winners circle, the Conte's former yearling filly Lady Echo was shown by Shada to Scottsdale Champion. Congratulations on your exceptional filly!

Congratulations to Ric Summers of Wil-O-Mar Arabians on his recent purchase of the beautiful Marwan Al Shaqab son Casanova PPA.

Shada welcomes Al Nakeel, the gorgeous son of World Champion Al Lahab GASB and out of one of the most beautiful daughters of Magnun Psyche SWF Desert Rose. Al Nakeel is bred and owned by Stonewall Farm Arabians in Scottsdale and will remain with Shada through 2011.

We are pleased to announce the recent sale of the lovely Marwan Al Magnifficoo daughter La Vita Magnifficoo to Sami Ben Saad of Saudi Arabi. Wishing them the best.

Shada and Noel Bosse of Tall Timber Arabians would like to congratulate Al Shahania Stud on their acquisition of the elegant Sierra Tango TT. This special mare will be vying for the 2010 Title at the World Cup show in Las Vegas. Special thanks to David Cains and Ken Davis!

Congratulations to Justin and Laure Kruse on their recent purchase of Moonshine J half arabian yearling colt sired by Khadraj NA out of Ultra Violet Blue bred by Jerland Arabians.

Another rising star from the Varian breeding program, Master Jullyen V has recently been purchased by Teresa and David May from Wisconsin. Watch for this charismatic colt as he continues his halter career at Shada. Special thanks to Dan and Judy Lynch!

Eloquence C
is certainly named appropriately. This striking Enzo filly has recently been purchased by Regan and Renae Rohl. The Coleal family and Shada wishes the best for this elegant filly as she embarks on her show career at Shada.

An incredible collection of ladies and one handsome man are making their way to Bahrain. We congratulate Aali Stud-Bahrain on their latest acquisitions and thank them for their confidence in Shada.

Lady Nirvana in foal to Marwan Al Magnifficoo, Penelope MAJ in foal to GH Maryn, Alora Gold NBW in foal to Maserati WR, SD Mimosaa Bey in foal to Brandon Bey, Miss Valentina PPA,
FireRock PPA and Sweet Genevieve PPA

Foxy Cayenne
Foxy Cayenne
The Bachmans and Shada are pleased  to announce that Foxy Cayenne in foal to National Champion Brixx IA will be joining the exclusive Milestone Arabian mare collection band. The Miles Ranch is certain to have a busy spring!

Kampeon PPA

This young superstar colt Kampeon PPA sired by MPA Giovanni has inspired Wil O Mar and Gemini to partner on his purchase. Congratulations!

Sheila Varian’s breeding program is continually evolving and she has done it once again with the exquisite Kwesturas Juell V. Special thanks to Matthew Gale of Brookville Arabians and Tina Torry on the sale of this Gem of a filly! Her future is bright, all the Best!

When your Hot your Hot! It is with great joy that we announce Mike and Anna Bills acquisition of the incredible half Arabian mare JB Hometown Hottie. Their vision for her future includes babies with a couple of the breed’s great sires and the return to the show ring. What an exciting year 2010 will be!

Shada and the Miles family would like to congratulate Don and Janey Morse of Oak Ridge Arabians on the recent purchase of the lovely mare Faustiania. Good Luck

Temptation T


Two Amazing mares Temptation T and Carinosaa have been chosen by the Miles family to add to their already outstanding breeding program. Shada and Park Place Arabians, Bill and Donna Bachman, congratulates Steve, Darla and family. May these special two mares and their upcoming Marwan Al Shaqab babies brighten your every day as they have ours. The best is yet to come!

Congratulations to Anita Grant on her purchase of the ultra versatile Arabian stallion Omel First Dream. Good Luck with all your future endeavors.

We are pleased to announce that Stranger Creek farms, Jerad and Christi Cooper have acquired from Gerald Bauer, the beautiful mare Lady Fausto for their herd sires Odyssey SC and KA Odysseus.

Congratulations to Regan and Renae Rohl on their recent purchase of the elegant mare Overlook Jubilee (Echo Magnifficoo x Felicia Psyche) currently in foal to DA Valentino. Special thanks to Murry, Judy and Barbara of Overlook Arabians for allowing Shada help to promote and market this rare jewell!

David Ross and Shada would like to congratulate Bill Bell and Andy and Christine Steffens on their recent acquisition of the stunning mare Phanta C. Cheer for her at Scottsdale and World Cup 2010!

*reference sire

Congratulations Bob Sigfrinius on the purchase the lovely filly KA Gioia.

The Journey Continues......For Odyssey SC as Jared Cooper and Stranger Creek Farm, LLC has chosen to acquire this Magnificent Stallion! A bold decisive move that will open doors of all kinds. Congratulations to all, may Odyssey impact your lives as he has done all of us!!

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MileStone Arabians, Steve and Darla Miles are thrilled with their recent acquistion of Multi National Champion Mare AW Fortune NGold. With plans of breeding and showing this titled mare it is sure to make MileStone Arabians a place to stop in Kansas City. Special thanks to Susan Acevedo and Duke Mendel.

Contratulations to Mustasa Isa Almarkhi of Bahrain on his recent acquisition of the lovely mare Bellanotae who is currently in foal to Marwan Al Magnifficoo for a 2010 foal Special thanks to Veronica Allman for helping to nurture this connection.

Congratulations Natasha Whiteman and Cameron Burnett of Munruben Queensland Australia on your recent acquisition of the stunning filly Star of Gazal WR (Stella). We are thrilled that your research for a special filly brought you to Shada. May Stella make all your show ring and breeding dreams a reality!

The Exotic filly Miss Valentina, has captured the hearts of new owners Bill and Donna Bachman, Park Place Arabians. We believe she will be one of the most special fillies to ever grace the show ring! "A Dream Filly" as many have referred to her. The possibilities are endless!!!


Reference sire, First Cyte

Congratulations to Edward and Sarah Truitt on their recent addition of the lovely First Cyte daughter Emmelyne. The Truitts are excited for the future cross of this mare and their magnificent stallion GH Maryn. Specials thanks to Donna Hentges of Greymoor Farms.

Congratulations to Julie Bennett on the purchase of Balleryna Bey.
Good luck with your future breeding plans for Balleryna.

We celebrate Sheikh Ammar Bin Al Nuiami's selection and purchase of the exotic "Marhnika".
We trust that their success will be endless! Marhnika has stolen the hearts of many!
Thank you to David Cains and Scott Bailey for your efforts and belief in the special girl.

Congratulations David Zouch Ross on your recent acquisition of Justtina the lovely S Justadream daughter by Magnum Psyche. We are very excited about Justtina's baby due soon to Gazal Al Shaqab. Special thanks to Bob Boggs and DST Arabians for making this special combination available.

A name so fitting ...."The Dutchess PS"
Congratulations to Mindy Peters on the purchase of this regal filly sired by Versace out of PS Capricious by Echo Magnifficoo. Special thanks to Stan Keeter for his efforts with this sale.

Rae Dawn Arabians, Murray and Shirley Popplewell have acquried the exotic Reserve
National Champion Marwan Al Shaqab daughter Mi Morena. Known for their great taste,
the Popplewells have once again chosen "Only the Best!"

Congratulations to Avalon Crest, Christine and Andrew Steffens on their recent purchase of the
beautiful Versace daughter Aliyahh. Another blue chip mare to be added to their breeding program.
Special thanks to Robert Sigfrinius for making this exectional mare available.

Jill Kujawa and Thomas Bevier are excited to welcome two new additions to their horse family! TF Mystical Lady, this elegant mare will be breed to the Magnficant Marwan Al Magnifficoo and Kandaliyah a beautiful Versace grandaugther.

When you want to ride in style.....why not ride an Arabian. Robert Sigfrinius will be riding in style on the multi Regional & National acclaimed Fames Lady Jane++++// and her partner AE Magnetic. Special thanks to the Weber and Kruse Family for helping to make Robert's dream come true!

Since 2008 has elevated Jason to National Champion status he and his wife Devon added a new sexy filly “Nikkei” to their show roster.  Cheer for them and Shada as they compete in 2009!

JB Hometown Hottie trotted her way across the Cedar Ridge stage and into the hearts of Kim and Jeremy Blackburn of Elevation Farms and everyone at Shada! “Hottie” will make her debut soon with Kim and Jeff in the Half Arabian Saddle Pleasure Mare division.

Valerio recently purchased by Steve and Darla Miles is the newest young super star colt to become part of the Shada team! Valerio comes by his dynamic traits naturally given the success of his older brother Pprovidence multi National Champion.
We envision roses in Valerio future as well.

Congratulations to Les and Diane Van Dyke on the purchase of the stunning Ppoetry!

Congratulations to El Farida Stud on their recent acquisition of the lovely Marwan daughter TW Martahza.

Congratulations Wil O Mar Arabians on the recent purchase of the beautiful Jullyen El Jamaal daughter PA Syrah. We have high expectations for her 2009 Marwan Al Magnifficoo foal!

With a history of owning National Winner's Mike Beethe has recently procured the stunning colt
Vindikayte WR (Aristokayte x Justify).

Shada is pleased to announce the return of one of the all time greatest producing Half Arabian Sires,
The Color of Fame!

We are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of EF Simply Marvelous by Abdulrahman Almofadbi of Saudi Arabia!

Wil O Mar arabians and Shada would like to announce the recent sale of a
National Champion Pprovidence Filly!
and her dam a Padron daughter
Rosebud SS.
Congratulations to the new owners Les and Diane Van Dyke, we wish you much success with her in the future.  Look for her in Scottsdale 2009 with Shada, Inc.

Congratulations to Jill Kujawa and Tom Bevier on their recent purchase of Echo's Hope.

Congratulations to Justin Lee Webber on his recent purchase of the elegant Lady Echo.
Special thanks to David Cains and Tina Torry on their efforts with this sale.

Shada congratulates Bill and Donna Bachman of Park Place Arabians on their acquisition of one
of the treasures of the breed! Carinosaa, we anxiously await her Marwan Al Shaqab baby
as she is due to foal any day!

Congratulations to Sheikh Khaled Ahmed Bagedo of Al Khaled Farm on the purchase of his exquisite MPA Giovanni daughter Cosmopolitan J. See her in Vegas at the Arabian Breeders World Cup 2008!

Shada congratulates Kim Christy on her recent sale of the lovely Angelina Jullye.
We wish this her luck as she debuts at the La Vegas World Cup 2008!

Shada welcomes another Odyssey Queen.... Congratulations to Ann Johnson on her purchase of
Khween of Glencoe
! Watch for Khween in Scottsdale as she and Jeff shine under the Arizona sun.
Our excitement builds as she will be breed to Viva Versace in the Spring of 2008.

An enthusiastic congratulations to Ed and Sarah Truitt of Daly Pride Arabians, Loomis Ca on their purchase of the NYN Hisani son GH Maryn. Thank you to breeder Francis Fischer and agent Brenda Driediger for your efforts in making all this possible.

Announcing an incredible addition for David Ross, Bellanotae or "Bella" as we fondly call her will be in Scottsdale. You are welcome to come by the Shada stalls to enjoy her!

David Z. Ross

Shada would like to Congratulate Kim & Jeremy Blackburn and Devon & Jason Shuster on their recent purchase of Imagine Fame.  We wish the new team good luck as they debut at Scottsdale in HA Stock Hunter Mares.  Imagine all the possibilities of Fame!

The exotic black filly so many have come to admire, An Affair To Remember, has recently sold to
Kathy Burnett of Orangevale, Ca. Patricia Spencer and Shada are thrilled with this new team,
we look forward to continued success!

Shada and the Miller family would like to congratulate the Mitch Siddell Family from Kansas City on the purchase of their new mare Psylena W. Special thanks to Tony Steiner for his time and energy in this sale!

Congratulations to Westridge Farms, Mark and Val Sylla on their acquisition of the Multi National Champion Pprovidence. We wish them all the best as he pursues a 2008 National title with Tommy Garland in Junior Western Pleasure! Thank you to John and Margaret Vanden Broek for their belief in Pprovidence and Shada over the past two exciting and successful years!

Shada and The Murray Family wish much success to Chuck and Tina Armigo of Olympia, WA. The proud new owners of Mugatu, 2005 Khadraj son, specals thanks to Rod and LaRae Powell of Silver Aspen for their efforts in this sale!

One of the 2007 US National highlights includes David Zouch Ross's purchase of the extreme Marwan daughter PS Khasmir. Her embryo and show plans for 2008 are unlimited!

Congratulations to David Zouch Ross of Victoria, Australia on the acquisition of Marwan Al Magnifficoo. We look forward to the great success that lies ahead for this new team!

Shada and the Mikkelsen's would like to congratulate Carol Baker and Robert Ross of Overland Park, KS
on the purchase of KFR Two To Tango. Thank you to Blake Skole for all his efforts with this sale!

Shada and the Weber Family wish lots of success to Tom Bevier and Jill Kujawa of Locust Grove, Virginia on their purchase of Pure Color!

Shada and Mike Bills would like to congratulate Oak Ridge Arabians on the recent purchase of Fortunate VF.
We wish the new team good luck at U.S. Nationals!

Shada and Ken Effertz would like to congratulate Will O Mar Arabians on the purchase of Mag K Nite!

Shada and Bill and Martha Bell would like to congratulate David and Joyce Bradley and their agent Blake Skole on the purchase of Merri Madeline!
We are excited about the upcoming cross of NYN Hisani and the beautiful Merri Madeline in 2008.

Shada and the Bachmans would like to congratulate Jill Gregson and Future Farm on the purchase of
Foxfire BHF.

Mr. & Mrs. Bachman

Congratulations to Gemini Ranch on the purchase of the outstanding stallion Odyssey SC!

Congratulations to Lucky Seven on the purchase of the young exceptional stallion
Maserati WR

Shada and Carol Steppe would like to congratulate Mr. Mohammed Altawheedi of Dubai Arabian Stud in Dubai, UAE on the purchase of Shownel.